About Us

In 1963, a raw young man with nothing to back him up except a decade of service with India Sea Foods, waded courageously into the deep waters of Seafood Industry.

A very small start with only one single office, this company instigated. Now it has become the most trusted and one of the most reliable name in terms of both service as well as quality, it is known throughout the world for its radical performance and its unmatched success

Over the years A�VERPOTA�has attained global relations and regular supply of prestigious buyers from all over the world.

VERPOT A�is the leading Chilled and Frozen Sea Food Company from India with the most powerful seafood Processing and an experienced Marketing Team. We deal in the Export, Processing, Import and Distribution of Sea food. We have good business partnership with many large scale seafood suppliers around the world to acquire sustained supply of resources.

Our Product line includes: Fresh & Chilled Sea Foods, Frozen Sea Foods – Fish & Shrimps.

Our Product scope includes :

SHRIMPS : Deep Sea Shrimps, Black Tiger Shrimps, Vennamei Shrimps, PUD Shrimps.

Our business interests are diversified into the following domains.

  • Paper and Paper Products
  • Cloths and Garments
  • Chemical Products
  • Flower
  • Nuts ad Spices
  • Handicraft
  • Stones like Marbles and Granites

Our motto is Quality, Integrity and Reliability and the Company stands tall & adamant on our motto till date, and our smiling clientele base in various countries are the proof .

The Sea Food Division of VERPOT offer a vast selection of Fresh Chilled Fish, Frozen Fish, Shrimps & Baigai. Our technically qualified Team supervises the entire operations right from Raw Material selection to the final shipment. The raw material processed for VERPOT comes from the pollution & mercury free Arabian Sea on the West & East coast of India.

VERPOT, has its presence at all the major Landing centres across the West & East Coast of India. The catch reaches the aligned factories fresh & clean, via a fleet of thermally insulated trucks. On reaching the factory the raw material is immediately washed & cleaned. It is then tested for quality, precisely weighed and sent to the processing hall, using abundant quality of Ice. Right from the raw material receiving area through to the processing, freezing & storage, continuous inline process controls are maintained to ensure international standards.

Our Buyers are mainly from Europe, USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Hong kong, Thailand, Middle East, Benin, Ivory Coast & Other countries. Their repeat orders instils the confidence they have reposed in our Quality and Products. We welcome you to explore the VERPOT range of Fresh & Frozen Seafood prod

VERPOT is supported by a team consisting of both administrative and technical professionals reputed for unquestionable integrity and an enviable work ethic for delivering service excellence and premium quality products

Our Strengths:

Modern Equipment and Facilities
the factory unit is well equipped with modern machineries and utilities with an installed capacity of 22.5m/ton per day. The processes are designed to deliver the best block frozen and individually quick frozen varieties of seafood especially cuttle fish, squid, octopus, tuna and other

Quality is Never Compromised
The process are carried out in hygienic condition with utmost care in delivering the best quality. Following a stringent quality control parameters from catch onwards till the very last process ensures the best output with a no complaint status-quo till date.

Our Team
Quality and Teamwork is a culture rather than a policy for our team.
our well trained team is capable of handling the processes and delivery the best output through teamwork. Our team efficiently take care of all documentation necessary for processing the orders.

Our Customers
our customers are partners in our business ventures and we offer them the best price , accurate weights and unparalleled quality . Our team is always enthusiastic in extending support to our associates by executing their supplies according to their specified needs and on time